What’s the difference between a ‘used’ and a ‘refurbished’ product?


When we refer to a ‘used’ product, we simply mean a second-hand product. This usually means it’s a product that has been previously owned by someone who then sells it to us. We then fully service and clean it, and re-sell it. We almost always provide a 30- day warranty on used products as a goodwill gesture to our clients. A ‘refurbished’ product is totally different. A refurbished laptop for example, is one that has either been sold by the original manufacturer to us at a reduced rate because it has a reduced warranty period for a particular reason. A refurbished product sold by us is never sold with a fault. All the refurbished products we retail have a 1 year warranty (even if the manufacturer has reduced its’ warranty to less) and are all in full and perfect working condition. All products are sold in their original packaging direct from the manufacturer and 95% are brand new and in immaculate condition. Nine times out of ten the client cannot tell the difference between a refurbished product and a new one due to the high level of quality of our refurbished goods.