We have recently added Game Console Repairs to our line up of services! We can now repair Sony PS2, Sony PS3, XBOX, XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP!

As with our other services, the diagnostics testing is free! Plus , in the rare case we do not manage to fix your game console, or if it is beyond repair, our infamous 'No Fix, No Fee' policy will ensure that you will not pay anything to us!

We charge very reasonable rates - please call us for more information.


xbox360 title

Common Xbox issues we fix:

RRoD (Red Ring of Death)

Error code being displayed on screen

Unit scratches CD's/DVD's

Unit freezes or hangs

No picture/sound


wii 2

Common Wii issues we fix:

Unit will not eject CD's/DVD's

Unit will not read CD's/DVD's

Unit has no power

Unit/remote synchronisation problems



ps3 title

Common PS2/PS3 issues we fix:

Unit does not read CD's/DVD's

Unit has no power

Flashing lights

No Hard Drive detected

Unit fan faulty

Information board freezes gameplay

Unit does not eject CD's/DVD's (PS2)

Unit does not read memory card (PS2)


Sony PSP Repair sonypsp

Common PSP issues we fix:

Unit has no picture/sound

Unit will not charge

Unit will not power up

Unit freezes/hangs

Unit has cracked/broken screen